Tracking Online Poker Win and Losses
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Online Blackjack – Cost vs Profitablity Rate

What if Online Blackjack Games becomes too addictive? Blackjack; like poker is a game of chance. This may sound paradoxical because at face value; it does seem that the probability of you winning the game is very low; and yet the amount of time you spend in playing the game and coming out a winner is huge. If you were to ask a professional card player why he continues to play; they would probably tell you that the most profitable strategy they can come up with when it comes to blackjack is to play conservatively and to bet small amounts frequently and just let the pot grow until it is depleted. Playing this way is not nearly as fun as watching a professional on television who is winning hand after hand!


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But if you want to have fun; you still need to learn how to play the game right; and making an income off of it is very doable with some practice and a lot of patience. One of the most important things that any player should know is the game’s psychology; or the way it interacts with the players that are playing it. Most of the time; the only true way to win at this game is to be the first one to eliminate all your opponents from the table before your time runs out. This means that if you are going to stay in the game; you will have to think about what your opponent is doing and be ready to change up your own strategy to match theirs.

One way to keep yourself from being one of those players that always seems to lose is to always have at least one extra card on the table. This way; if you do happen to get dealt a bad hand; you can always count on another card to help you out. However; this does raise the possibility of you getting checked; which negates your strategy. It can also mean that you could potentially lose money by having the “low man” (the one with the low card) to check if there is a strength change. Both these situations can drastically affect your overall profitability; so it is important to be careful and not fall into the trap of counting cards to death.

The second option is to count the cards as you deal with them. This is a little trick that some people seem to think can actually help them make money. You don’t really count the cards as you deal with them; you just take your turn and deal the deck as you normally would. Counting cards is more about gauging the odds of you winning the pot than the actual cards dealt. The math involved is not difficult; but it does take practice and a lot of observation to master.


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The last option is to simply keep track of how many cards you have dealt with and how much you have yet to deal. This is a trick that can be very effective; but some people seem to overdo it. The problem with keeping track of how many cards you have dealt is that the likelihood of you actually having the cards you need to win the pot tends to get lower the more decks you deal with. In addition; the number of decks you have dealt with tends to get smaller over time since there are fewer hands to go around. Keeping a log or chart detailing how long you have been at the table will give you a good estimate of how often you are right on target with your predictions and betting patterns.

So; is blackjack not profitable? No; but you can still play it and enjoy some great times at the casino. It’s a fun card game to play and one that can be enjoyed by everyone; regardless of skill level. It is important not to get frustrated if you don’t get all the cards you think you are holding and to keep track of the time spent at the table. These tips should help you see that there are plenty of ways to enjoy this casino game and make a profit at the end of the day.