Online Casino Guide by Kraut
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Online Casino Guide by Kraut

Different people look for different things in online casinos, of course, a lawyer looks at online gambling websites in completely different ways than for example politicians, rival casino owners, casino employees, gambling bloggers writing online casino guides (that’s me Kraut), or regular player.

As a casual player (and this casino review is for casual players), the important thing you have to know about online casinos is whether or not they are the best.

And it’s very easy to define, easier than most people think, you just need the following.



What makes an online casino the best for a player:

Location. You need to know if the casino accepts players from your location. This is why this is the first section in any casino review, absolutely the most important thing.


Legitimacy. You will win, in the end, even if you play for entertainment only, you will win, and of course, you want to accept your winnings.

That’s why it’s so important to know how to notify casinos that is legitimate and operate legally with a license from a scam site.

Because in a fraudulent casino, you will never see your winnings (Look for licenses, at the bottom of the website).

Gaming whatever type of game you look for, quality and quantity is important

It’s the thing that differentiates casinos, and in the long run, this is a very important aspect for any player.


Deposit and withdraw methods. Once you have selected an online casino then, of course you should be able to receive your winnings.

For people in certain countries (certain country blocks credit card usage for gambling) this is a factor in their process.


And that’s all, this online casino guide by Kraut is all you need to pay attention to be able to compare various online casinos and make the right decision.