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Online Gambling for Housewives

What if online gambling addiction becomes too overwhelming? Gambling for mothers is a difficult topic. The statistics do not lie and they do not look good for the statistics. While women are starting to make some inroads into high rollers and into the high tiers of the casino table; there is still a long way to go. Women are just as likely to be the target of scam artists as men are and just as likely to end up in debt or even to commit suicide over the losses that they incur on the table. If you are a woman and you are looking for ways to break free from the dead end of gambling for mothers; then you are going to have to take a close look at the data sets that you have.


Online Gambling

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There are some ethnicities; including black and Asian; which are more likely than other groups to develop gambling problems. For example; statistics show that Asian Americans are more likely than whites to be involved in online gambling. Those with ethnic backgrounds that fall in this gambling risk group also tend to have higher levels of educational achievement than others. There are some interesting and relevant results from this literature review that should be discussed in class.

In order to deal with these types of issues we must address some critical issues that arise from the literature review. For example; the analysis indicates that Asians and Pacific Indians may have higher rates of educational achievement even when they have similar rates of gambling. If this is true; then this could mean that those individuals are having an easier time adapting to the cultural values of their home countries and so being able to focus on academics is not a motivation to gamble. If this is the case; then we may need to look into addressing the issue of academic and educational attainment separately from the use of gambling.

The other issue that arises from the analysis is that there is no discussion of some of the potentially negative long term impacts of gambling. Many of these short term effects are already being noticed by the individuals who have chosen to participate in them. These include lower grades in school and lower test scores. Other impacts; such as more frequent and intense headaches; can also be noticed by those who participate. Therefore; it would seem that there are some very real and very important long term impacts of gambling on mothers.


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You will have to focus very hard on the positive impacts that you will see in your life. You can look at the positive impacts that you will see in your family. You can look at the positive impacts that you will see in your community. You can look at the positive impacts that you will see around you. This means that you are going to have to understand the numbers that you get from the research.

These studies are done by non profit organizations who do it in order to educate people about the harms that are associated with gambling on the internet; whether you are playing at live casinos; are playing on online poker sites or are gambling for mothers at an internet based lottery site. These gambling for mothers research analyses show that there are negative impacts to gambling can lead to some very real and very dangerous problems. The data shows that there are some children who become addicted to internet gambling.